Meet  the Staff


Jennifer Podrazil

Owner/ Nail Tech

Jen has been a licensed nail tech since 1992. She moved to PA in 1995 and by 1999 she bought what is now Second Street Salon. Jen worked very hard and by 2006 she made it into the full service salon you see today. Jen takes great pride in her salon and what she does. She strives to make sure every client who walks through her door feels welcomed. 



Hair Stylist

​Born and raised in New Jersey, Darlene started her styling career 35 years ago. She recently celebrated her 15 year anniversary here at Second Street Salon. Darlene still has a passion for her career as a stylist, always finding ways to further her education.



Hair Stylist

​Born and raised in Location, Hazel started her styling career 35 years ago. Hazel still has a loving passion for her career as a stylist and always strives to make each and every client happy. 


Hair Stylist

​Born and raised in NJ, Rosemarie started her career as a stylist 33 years ago. She is a Certified Keratinologist for Peter Coppola. As a colorist, she has worked with several color lines always getting the desired result. Rosemarie takes pride in her work and strives to make each appointment special and individualized. 


Hair Stylist

​Cathy graduated in 2012 from Empire beauty school. She has loved working in the industry for the past 8 years and is always getting educated on the latest trends.


Nail Tech

Sally is a native of Pike county.  She has been doing nails in the area since 1995. She enjoys all aspects of nails.   


Nail Tech

Helene is a native to the New York Suburbs area. She started her career in 1985. Now licensed in PA, she is educated in all forms  of artificial nails . Specializing in natural nails.


Nail Tech

Larissa has been doing nails since 1998. She has a PA nail license to work with natural and artificial nails. Larissa specializes and is certified in gel systems such as LCN and Polygels. She enjoys learning new techniques while continuing her education.